Measuring Guide

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding the measuring of your curtains and blinds. We will be pleased to advise you and help in any way we can.

We do have a fitting service should you require it. Please contact us for an estimated cost.

We can provide specialist advice for your soft furnishings from choosing colours to creating your own individual design.

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  1. Fit track or pole before measuring.

  2. Where possible, add a minimum of 15cm either side of window to allow the maximum amount of light into the room when the curtains are pulled back. Ideally when fitting a pole allow 15cm above the window.

  3. Measure the width of the track or pole NOT the window itself.

    • If using a track you must measure from end to end.
    • If your track has an overlap you must include these in your measurements.
    • If using a pole measure the width of the pole between the end finials.
    • If you choose a goblet or tab headed curtain it is advisable to fit your track or pole 30cm beyond the window edge to optimise light

  4. To measure your finished curtain drop instructions as follows:

(a) Pole - measure from the bottom of the wooden/metal ring to where you require the curtain to finish e.g.

  • To the sill (sill length)
  • Below the sill - 15cm below or wherever you prefer
  • To the floor (full length) - 1 cm above


(b) Track - Measure from the top of the track to where you require the curtain to finish as detailed above.


(c) For eyelet curtains measure from the top of the pole and add 2.5 cm.

(d) For curtains to be ruched on to poles with slotted heading measure from the top of the pole and add 5cm.

(e) For tab top curtains measure from the top of the pole.



  1. We recommend you fit a board above your window to take your pelmet - 120ml x 20ml planed wood is the best - You can then fit you track beneath this. The board needs to extend beyond the track by 2.5cm. each side. Your pelmet will be supplied with the necessary adhesive Velcro to stick to the front of the board.

  2. For gathered pelmets with heading tape you could fit a Swish valance track (available in our track section), which are supplied with the necessary fittings.

  3. When you have fitted your board or track measure the width from end to end and add the returns as per diagram.

  4. Unless you have a specific requirement for the depth of your pelmet, we will make them to the standard depth required for your curtain drop.

  5. One of our speciality pelmet styles is the upholstered pelmet. You would need to contact us regarding these as we would send you templates to try at your Window.


Decide whether you want you blind to be fixed in the recess of your window or on the outside of you window.

Measuring recess blinds


  1. When measuring inside the recess take the exact measurement. DO NOT TAKE ANY ALLOWANCE OFF - WE WILL DO THIS.

  2. Measure the width of the TOP of the recess and the BOTTOM of the recess.

  3. Measure from the top to the bottom lengthways on both sides of the window.
    NOTE: Take into account any obstructions such as window handles and tiled areas within the recess.

Measuring outside the window recess


  1. Decide how far above the window you require your blind. Measure from this point down to where you want the blind to finish. Roman blinds should be at least 15cm above the window.

  2. Measure the width of the window and then add at least 5cm each side or where you Wish to the blind to finish.

Shaped Valance

The diagram below shows our standard size, but valances can be made to suit your specifications.

Shaped Valance